World Book Day fun – 5th March

What a day! A huge thanks to parents and staff for
contributing to another fantastic event.
Our focus of the day was our ‘Book Bistro’ with the library
being transformed into our very own Parisian book café.
Whilst having a snack and a drink at the bistro, children chose
a library book that tempted their tastes from a wide selection
available. Our Key Stage 2 children had to choose ‘blind’ from
a menu that simply gave a taster of what the book was about.

Fancy dress parade

We also had our annual parade judged by our very own Mr.
Campbell and the CO. During this,
the CBF narrative challenge was launched. This is a
fantastic opportunity for the children to share their
creativity and imagination through writing and we would
encourage the children to have a go and submit an entry.
The closing date isn’t until 5th June, which gives plenty of
time to think of ideas, draft and develop their stories.

Winners of the fancy dress competition

Cafe bistro – choosing a good book!

Activities continued in classes throughout the day. FS1 shared
their favourite stories in ‘Thinking Thursday’, FS2 created their
own book covers, Y1, talked about what World Book Day was
and why they chose the character they dressed as, Y2 made
their own potato book characters, Y3 shared mystery objects
that they brought from home to develop into a comic story, Y4
explored characters down in the Forest and Y5/6 produced
story ‘mash ups’ (think Miss Trunchball at Hogwarts with a
whole range of other characters!) Phew! What a busy day!
We also must thank Cyprus Children’s Books for kindly giving
each child a free book in the spirit of the World Book Day
tokens that are given out in the UK. The children certainly
enjoyed the opportunity to choose a book to take home.