Your views are important to us and as a school we try to capture your opinion in a variety of ways.

Every year we will ask you to complete a parental questionnaire. The focus of the questionnaire may be linked to our most recent school improvement focus or it may be more generalised. The results of our last parent questionnaire can be viewed below.

Parent Questionnaire July 2018

Parent Questionnaire July 2019

Each term you are invited to attend a parent-teacher consultation meeting. At these meetings you are invited to complete shared feedback about your child’s learning.

Members of the schools Senior Leadership Team are available every day on the school gates and/or in the playground and are happy to hear your views and discuss any aspect of school life with you. We have an open door policy at this school so teachers are available for consultation before or after the school day, via the Seesaw app or you can arrange an appointment via the school office with any member of staff.

Each term we will create opportunities for you to visit the school such as Stay & Plays, Golden Mention assemblies and Celebrate and Evaluate open afternoons.

When, sadly, you have to leave Ayios Nikolaos Primary School we will ask you to complete an ‘exit questionnaire’. This survey is an excellent opportunity for you to summarise your experiences of our school and for us to learn more about what we do well and what we can do to make our school even better. Every questionnaire is reviewed by our Senior Leadership Team and our findings are reported back to the School Governance Committee.

Parent View – Ofsted

Parent view is an online facility operated by Ofsted which allows you as parents and carers to give your views about our school at any time of the school year. The questionnaire is the main mechanism for you as parents and carers to give your views about the school to inspectors as the time of inspection.

Click here to find out more about Parent View Ofsted, including how to register.

What do our parents say about us?

We are always happy to receive feedback from our families via parental surveys and questionnaires that we carry out each year. The comments below are a sample of some of the views expressed recently.

Comments from reports slips

‘It is clear that our son is thriving in an excellent environment for learning.’ KS1 parent

Thank you for all your efforts this year. The blood, sweat and tears are much appreciated!’ KS1 parent

We appreciate how much time and effort everyone at Ay Nik School has put into helping our son come out of his shell, deal with his differences and achieve academically. Thank you!’ KS2 parents


Comments from ‘exit questionnaires’

‘Lovely school with fantastic resources.  We are so sad to be leaving.  Thank you for being amazing for the children.’ Mrs B January 2022

‘From Day 1 till now, my daughter loved the school & enjoyed every aspect of her class activities & school programme. Moving back to the UK, there will be no school as good as Ayi Nik and we are so blessed to be part of the school despite the short tour.’    Mr & Mrs R   February 2020

‘A fantastic school where your child develops academically and emotionally. There are excellent opportunities for them!‘    Mr & Mrs N  January 2020

My children have thoroughly enjoyed being at this school, even if it was only for a short period of time. the school has a beautiful and caring environment and the staff are fab. I wish we could take the school back to England with us!’    Mr & Mrs J  January 2020

An amazing school with the best staff. we are so thankful for everything and will really miss Ayios Nikolaos Primary School. We truly believe that our daughter has been given THE BEST start to her education during her time in the Foundation Stage.’   Mrs B  November 2019

Really loved the school – teachers, parents etc. have all been outstanding!‘   Mr & Mrs G  Nov 2019

Our children have flourished at Ayi Nik. We felt fully included & informed on all aspects of their school life. They both enjoyed school every day. I can not praise the staff highly enough. A first rate organisation.’   Mr & Mrs M July 19

I can not thank the school enough for the development in my son’s self-confidence and attitude towards school work. He has matured and is making massive progress in his learning which I believe is down to the attention each child receives on a one-to-one level when extra help is needed.’      Mrs P  July 2019

‘Myself and my husband are incredibly thankful for the education both our children have had at this school and we are incredibly sad to be leaving such a great school. Thank you Ayi Nik!’        Mr & Mrs R  July 2019

‘It’s a lovely community school with a lot to offer.’ KS2  parent

We had an amazing few months here. It’s a brilliant school with fantastic staff!” KS1 & KS2 parent

The quality of education delivered to the children is excellent. The ways in which the school encourages parental involvement is brilliant. Ayi Nik Primary is a school where the safety and welfare of the children is paramount and comes first and foremost.’ FS & KS2 parent

‘It’s a fantastic school that provides opportunities in all aspects. There are superb resources and classrooms. Additional support for our daughter has been excellent.’ KS1 & KS2 parent

Ayios Nikolaos Primary is an exceptional school and I feel very lucky that all my children have had a chance to be part of its community.’ KS2 parent

I would like to say an enormous and heartfelt thank you. To other parents I would say…stay here as long as you can and keep your children at Ayios Nikolaos School as long as you can!’   KS2 parent

Our son loved the school from his very first day. Staff members are very friendly and professional. His setting provides so many resources for the children to explore and learn. Forest School and other outdoor activities have helped him to gain confidence.’ FS parent

The teachers are amazing and the support from the head teacher filters through the school!’ KS1 parent

Comments from SEN parental questionnaire

The school has an excellent understanding of what our son needs and is able to prioritise these needs and implement strategies to support him.’ KS1 parent

We are confident that any worries we would have would be addressed immediately and that the school share our concerns.’ KS1 parent

‘I know that I can approach either the class teachers or SENCo at any time and they will listen and offer advice.’ FS Parent

We cannot thank the school enough for the provision and allowances made for our son. We understand a great deal of effort has gone into this and it is much appreciated.’ KS2 parent

The school are very quick to identify any additional needs. These are addressed quickly and in consultation with myself. I have a lot of confidence in their approach.’ FS & KS2 parent

Comments from other schools

Working with ANPS has allowed us to plan for an engaging, rich curriculum which builds on the skills and knowledge at KS2 to prepare students for the rigorous KS4 assessments (such as GCSE). For example, from working with Y3-6 on literacy, I have observed students confidently using colons and semi-colons in their writing; which led to a direct re-design of our curriculum so that students were on a pathway to use advanced, sophisticated and stylistic punctuation choices by Year 9. Our work with Ayios Nikoloas Primary is from FS1 upwards so secondary literacy leaders have a full knowledge of the literacy progression for the entirety of a student’s education: this included observations and discussions on how phonics is used across the primary-phase; and informed our own literacy interventions for SEN. Further, our most recent Reader Leaders project has forged excellent partnerships; both the Y8 and Y4 students benefited greatly from the active reading approaches. Most of our intervention for KS2 (from my department) is focussed on higher-level writing skills; as well as building greater depth. From this, we have an excellent working knowledge of our new cohorts and their literacy learning styles. In a nutshell, we would not be able to provide an appropriately-levelled curriculum for KS3 if we didn’t understand the foundation of primary-level education.

Jamie Purdie  (Head of English and Drama, King Richard School, Cyprus)