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Year 5 & 6 Residential to Paphos – 22nd-24th May

Y5 & 6 had just the best time ever on their residential to Paphos! The children took part in sea kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing, snorkeling, shelter building and much, much more. As ever the children impressed both the school staff and those at the centre with their behaviour and strong working relationships with each other…. Read more »

Y3 Beekeeper visit – May 24th

Year 3 have been learning all about pollination and how birds and insects help in this important process. Wearing protective suits they were able to observe the way that bees collect nectar from flowers and return to their hives but in the process help to pollinate flowers. Clever little bees!

Explorer Dome – 17th May

Today every child in the school had the opportunity to make new discoveries in the Explorer Dome. Children from FS1 to Y6 learned about different scientific aspects such as the planets, forces and light. What a fantastic time we had! Unfortunately we couldn’t take many photos in the dark so we have just added a… Read more »

Y2 visit the Honey Farm – March 14th

Year 2 had a wonderful day learning all about the¬†honey bee. They learned about life-cycles, habitats and how important they are to the world. They also got to taste fresh honey and wear protective suits! What a great day they had.