Our Creative Arts

We value the creative arts and believe that children need the opportunity to develop their artistic skills through skills based lessons as well as through multiple opportunities to explore and apply learned skillsĀ  in other contexts. The children work with our specialist arts teacher, Miss Smith, as well as with their regular class teachers on creative arts activities. We also organise a BIG ARTS week every year with a different theme. Our most recent BIG ARTS week was driven by a geography focus which helped children to explore different land uses and features (seaside towns, harbours, mountains & waterfalls) through visits and then through different art work shops. We have dedicated the Community Room as a place to display the art work from BIG ARTS week so why not take a peek in our ‘gallery’!

Whole school art work for Remembrance Day Sculpture

Whole school art work for Harvest Festival celebrations

KS2 Iron Man sculptures (with support of KRS Secondary School DT department workshops)

Year 2 Towers DT work

Year 2 pottery work (at local community pottery)

KS2 created and wrote Christmas cards for soldiers posted overseas