Extra Curricular Clubs

We offer a wide range of clubs for children from each key stage. The clubs vary each term in order to provide something that will interest children and enable them to extend their learning further.  Usually our clubs are mixed in terms of the age of the children that can access them and this enables great friendship and/or sibling bonds to develop further. Clubs are advertised at the start of each half-term and children make a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice so that we can hopefully give the children what they really want and if not we aim to give them their 1st choice in the next half-term.  Our clubs benefit from being run not only by staff from the school, but also parent volunteers and links with the local community.

Our latest programme of clubs, that are run for ‘bubbles’ include:

  • Card Crafting
  • iPads – an activity a week
  • Board Games
  • Dance
  • Turkish Arts and Language
  • Yoga-Mindfulness

In the past year alone other clubs that we have provided have included:

  • Board Games Club
  • ‘Surprise a Week’ Club
  • British Sign Langauge Club
  • Cross Stitch Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Outdoor Abstract Art Club
  • Mosaic
  • Reading Club
  • Cookery and Greek Cookery Club
  • Geography Club
  • Netball Club
  • Science Club
  • Sewing Club
  • Creative Crafts Club

Dance Club perform for parents (photos above and below) 

Greek Cookery Club