More Able Provision

Ayios Nikolaos Primary School values all children equally.  We believe and strive to ensure that all pupils have access and opportunity to achieve their potential; this being done in a caring, supportive and challenging environment that has focus on learning.  We take pride in the quality of our broad curriculum that, through its delivery, develops learners who are: confident in taking on a challenge; independent with access to a range of strategies to support their learning; apply thinking skills to deepen their understanding of their learning; can process a range of ideas and information.

As a NACE member school, currently working to the completion of the NACE Challenge Award, we are confident in the provision for our more able pupils.  We are able to access a range of CPD and resources that support the progress of all of our pupils as well as the more able.  This allows us to also continually reflect on and improve our provision.

In the first instance, provision for more able pupils is delivered within the National Curriculum through purposeful and skilful planning by the class teacher.  Enrichment opportunities are also offered to enhance the breadth and depth of study.  Extension can take place both within in the class and through a wider range of extra-curricular opportunities – Ayios Nikolaos Primary School ensures that there are no limits to any pupils’ potential.

The School’s More Able Leader is Miss Lisa Milner.  If you would like to talk about more able learners further, please make an appointment through the school office.

More detailed information regarding the more able provision at Ayios Nikolaos Primary School is available by reading our More Able, Gifted and Talented Policy which includes:

  • Identification of More Able Pupils
  • Further detail relating to provision: planning, challenge, and enriching the curriculum
  • Continuity and Progression
  • Monitoring and Assessment

More Able, Gifted and Talented Policy