It is our policy to encourage the children (Years FS2 – 6) to wear a simple uniform which we believe gives the school a sense of shared identity. We greatly appreciate your support in this matter. It would be appreciated if all items of school uniform could be labelled with your child’s name. Children in Foundation 1 (Sunbeams) should be dressed appropriately for indoor and outdoor activities, ie no flip-flop style sandals or clothes which inhibit climbing.

The winter uniform

Autumn Second Half Term and Spring Term
(Return from October half term up to Easter Break).

Girls: Grey/black skirts or trousers with white polo shirt/blouse and royal blue sweatshirt/sweat cardigan.

Boys: Grey/black trousers with white shirt/polo shirt and royal blue sweatshirt.

White/grey socks, sensible flat shoes. Trainers should not be worn except for outdoor P.E.

School sweatshirts and cardigans can be purchased from the School Secretary.

Fleece tops and reversible fleece jackets are also available, which are for outdoor wear only.

The summer uniform

Summer Term and Autumn First Half Term.
(Return from Easter Break until the end of the school year and from the start of the new school year until the October Half Term break).

Girls: Grey/black skirts/shorts and white polo shirt or pale blue and white gingham dress.

Boys: Grey/black shorts/trousers with white polo shirt/short-sleeved shirt.

White/grey socks, sensible flat shoes or sandals (no flip-flops, jellies or clogs please, for safety reasons).

From May to October, the school runs a ‘No hat, No play’ policy.

Clothing for Physical Education

Children must have the appropriate kit for P.E. lessons. T-Shirts and shorts carrying the school logo can be purchased from the school office. For indoor PE simple gym shoes/plimsolls may be required, or the children will be asked to perform in bare feet. (Plimsolls can be difficult to find in Cyprus and it may be worth purchasing a pair in U.K. before you leave). For outdoor PE suitable training shoes should be worn.


For safety reasons, jewellery should NOT be worn to school. Children are permitted to wear a wristwatch and one pair of stud earrings for girls and one stud earring for boys. All jewellery must be removed for PE, including swimming. (Where a child has recently had their ears pierced, the studs may be worn for PE for the first 6 weeks after piercing, but must be taped over by parents for that day in school.)

Price List

The following items can be purchased from the school office.

Item Cost (Euros)
P.E T-shirts €7.00
Shorts €10.00
Sweatshirts €17.00
Sweat cardigans €19.00
Polo shirts €11.00
Fleece tops €21.00
Reversible Fleece Jackets €26.00
Book bags €5.00
Baseball caps €5.00
Legionnaires caps €5.00