KS2 Christmas production – Mrs Humbug Sees The Light! 13th December

Wow!!! Another powerful KS2 production full of dancing, comedy, action and singing. The audience were enthralled from start to finish. As ever the staff created a wonderful show piece and watching it the weeks of hard work really paid off! There were some fantastic individual solos and Mrs Humbug showed real confidence in the part. Well done to all of you!!!!

KS1 Christmas Production – The Inn-spectors! 12th December

Another wonderful production full of dancing, singing and acting to help tell the Christmas story. There were some wonderful solo singing and some classic comedy moments (thank you bleating sheep!). A big thank you goes to the staff and parents that all contributed to the production. But the biggest thanks goes to the children who excelled themselves to entertain a packed house today!

Foundation Stage Christmas Production – 11th November

FS1 & FS2 performed ‘Whoops-a-Daisy-Angel’ for a packed house today!

A massive thank you to all the staff that helped create the Foundation Stage Christmas extravaganza. The children behaved perfectly, showed confidence in their dance and great enthusiasm in their singing (I think they went for volume over pitch!).

It was a wonderful way for the children to show their families what fantastic children they are as they shared the Christmas story.

A typical comment from a dad on the way out was “I don’t know how you do it. Every year it’s just gets better and better!”

A fine but well-deserved compliment!

Carole singing at the local shops – 10th December

The School Choir entertained busy Christmas shoppers at the local shops today. There were many great comments from shoppers saying what lovely voices they had. They also behaved impeccably too! A great example to set in the local community. Well done all of you! Unfortunately the video file was too large to load to the website – sorry!

ESBA Carol Concert @ St Barnabus Church, Dhekelia Station – 5th December

What a lovely evening we had! The choir were angelic, the speakers clear, the instrumentalists tuneful and the behaviour of our children, as ever, impeccable! It was also lovely to see so many families making the journey to Dhekelia to join us at the church. A big thank you to all those that helped prepare for and run this event, including the transport provided by Ay Nik Station!

Magical moments of awe and wonder!

Christmas Fayre – 4th December

A massive thank you to all of the children, parents, staff, stallholders and PTFA members who supported our Christmas Fayre this year. The event is not possible without everyone’s help and support. This year we raised a massive EUR 2,200 which is a new record for fund-raising at the school!

This money, along with other funds raised, will be ploughed back into our most important asset – our children!

It was a wonderful evening with a visit from Santa in a fire engine, performances by the School Choir and the Military Wives Choir, a Christmas market, a food hall, face painting and much, much more!

Y3 Violin performance – 27th November

Year 3 performed for parents today using the learning from their Wider Opportunities Programme violin lessons this term. We would like to say a massive thanks to Mrs Millard from MOD Schools Music Service for her specialist teaching.

Working in Partnership with the 0-3 Early Years Centre – w/b 25th November

During this year, Year 3 will be sharing their learning about plants and plant care with the children from the 0-3 Early Years Centre.

A couple of weeks ago, some of the children in Y3 visited a garden centre to buy bulbs, plants and seeds ready for this academic year’s Garden School and Science learning.

Last week, the children composted eight plant pots ready for planting. Later in the day, they taught the young children how to plant their herbs and succulent plants explaining how they needed a lot of sunlight and water. 

Y2 visit a local flour mill – 19th November

Year 2 visited a local flour mill as part of their DT work. It was an amazing family run mill. The children learned so much!

‘ We had lots of fun at the mill. We learnt how to make flour, we got to grind the seeds. We found out how to grow the wheat. We even got to bring some flour back to school.’ by CL & JW

Y5 & Y6 are sent to the trenches – 19th November

In Year 5/6’s outdoor learning session this week we focused on our topic work and learnt about WW1 trenches. We had the opportunity to touch on the experience of how hard it was to dig a trench. With the ground wet, we experienced how heavy the mud was to lift on our shovels, how dirty we got and how slippery it was to work in such unpleasant conditions.  Finally, with the help of a hose, we experience having to dig our trench in the rain.